Halloween and Heartwarming

So, I had an awesome Halloween. I got my license today. As of this day, I am not legally able to operate a non-commercial motor vehicle (with some limitations, but none that are too crazy). So, that’s awesome. I’m excited.

I also went trick-or-treating, and gave the candy to the rest of the guys here at the house. Honestly, I wasn’t really feeling candy, just getting to get free stuff. I think the act of getting it was more fun.

Today, overall, was a pretty good day. I hope it went well for all people, because it is just sometimes more about enjoying what’s happening than the specifics of what’s happening.

Oh, so, here’s some amazing videos I’ve found that just made me so incredibly happy. I cried after watching the three. Also, all three are very short.

Happiest Facts:

Most Romantic Photographs:

This last one is beautiful, although you’re gonna wanna stop the video to read the captions

How to Restore Your Faith in Humanity:

So, that’s a thing. It’s okay to cry, because these videos are awesome.



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