Super Passive Aggressive Post

So, I would post today about how awesome my recent colleges trip was and how I’m now really stressed about applying and stuff, but I can’t. I mean, I’m currently writing this post from my phone because I don’t have Wi-Fi, and so I can’t write from my computer. Or, I mean, I have Wi-Fi, just not access to it.

You see, the program that I’m at for schooling and such recently blocked all computers (except ones owned by the program, meant for the sole purpose of homework) from the Wi-Fi, changing the password, and not telling anybody what it is in a response to an incident involving a single purpose misdoing said Wi-Fi. So… yeah.

This is why the title of this post works, in this case. Also, everything big or important here happens when I’m gone. Just great.

So, I am being forced to take a (what I hope to be short) leave of absence from the blog. We’ll see when I can start posting again, or if there’s another alternative, but for the time being, I am forced to say “peace out.”

I’m gonna miss this.


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