“Gonzaga, home of John Stockton,…”
-My English teacher, quoted from possibly every single class with hime, but definitely whenever he mentioned Gonzaga.

So, I’m at Gonzaga University. I’m visiting, and it’s awesome, but I’m struggling to connect with the Wi-Fi here, so I’m posting from my phone. Suffice to say, I probably won’t post something to long. But it’s awesome. I’m going on a tour tomorrow morning, and then I think I have an interview with an admissions counselor. It’s be fun.

I also may or may not be visiting Seattle University tomorrow. So there that. I have friends at both, whom I hope to see.

I was just borrowed a computer, so I’m better with stuff, but I’m also not going to post long, because I hate being a bother, borrowing other people’s stuff. But yeah, it’s awesome, people are really nice, and stuff.

Last thing, the weather here in Spokane, Washington reminds me of Denver. Maybe a teensy bit colder, but still Colorado-esque. Anyway, goodnight peeps. Wish me luck with interviews, and such!



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