Musician Life

It is a struggle, really, to be so involved in music sometimes. But a worthy struggle? I would argue to say so.

But why am I struggling? I am so involved, in so many different music groups, doing so many different things, with so many different instruments, and what not. But at the same time, the cross training, and be so steeped in this musical world is amazing. I get to learn about so many different aspects of musicianship, and theory, and practice, it’s just… beautiful.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get overwhelming…

I mean, there’s the Advanced Jazz Ensemble, and my dreams of starting a small group (possibly a jazz quartet or quintet), and pit orchestra for my school’s musical, as well as select choir, a possible super select choir (of sorts), an A Capella club, and a band I’m in with a few friends, a club that’s putting on a talent showcase of sorts (kind of a Christmas themed variety show), and probably something else, also. Oh, right All State Jazz Band auditions, which I’m auditioning in two instruments for. All of which is on top of my own playing guitar, and singing, and stuff. And wanting to spend more time learning theory.

But what of this all? Well, lots of performances coming up soon, and lots of memorizing which I’m trying to do, on top of being a successful student, and having some form of a social life. And, the biggest killer of all: college apps.

But don’t get me wrong. Sometimes it feels like all I want to do is music. I know that I don’t really have a “future” in music (at least not without also a teaching degree), but it’s my passion. When I’m in it, playing it, feeling it, I feel a part of it. I feel as though I am music, and music is me. It is all just one large flow of feelings and beats, rhythms and thoughts, consciousness and harmony. It all syncs.

It’s pure beauty.

But hey, there’s a world outside it all, and I guess I’m living in it. Time for me to also do other stuff.

But here’s what inspires me.

I hope that inspires you, too.

Goodnight y’all, peace!…


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