Things from People

My friend Noah (who is now at college) posted this on Facebook today. It reads:

“I’ve spent a lot of time with myself, thinking about my why. Why do I do things? Why do I get up in the mornings? Who am I becoming and who do I want to be? I want to be an individual that helps others be inspired, moved, and ultimately, fulfilled. The artist inside of me is constantly reveling at the beauty of every single individual I encounter. I feel that people go around not realizing their awesome potential, the undeniable power that is their very existence. Their very existence on this planet is a tribute to the awesome reality that is life. I want people to see how beautiful they are, and to then realize that anything and everything they want to achieve is possible. Please believe me, if you are reading this, anything you want from life, it’s yours, you just have to start believing it. Your fears have a place, and a time, but that time is not here, not now. Your fears are apart of you, so don’t destroy them, simply tell them it’s ok to be quiet for awhile. And move on. Your life awaits you.”

Enjoy that, people. Peace!…


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