Pretty Touchy

So, sometimes I feel weird around people.

No, it’s not anything super weird. I’m not awkward around people (I’d like to think…). I mean, I guess I’m an introvert (but I’d really like to think that I’m an ambivert), but that’s not it. I guess that I’m just really touchy…

I mean, I’m very much a physical person. Not to an extreme level, of course, but when I’m around people I like to physically feel them there. I like high fives, and handshakes, and am a big fan of hugs.

I love giving hugs, actually.

But sometimes it gets weird. I sometimes might be talking to a friend, and will put out my hand for a hand shake, or something along those lines. Even if I’ve already gotten one.

It’s always interesting to see how my friends react to it. Sometimes they don’t care, or they’ll just stare at me, but they’ll almost never comment on it. It’s… interesting.

Why am I a physical person? Why do I have to feel other people’s just being there?

Why, more than anything, do I care so much about hugs? It’s an interesting question indeed.

Alright, well, while I wrestle with that, you people take care.



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