At this point, I have already talked about Doubt, Crying, and Fear. But what has been the point of all of this? Well, life.

I live my life by a few things. More recently, I have learned that three things keep the world together, in my personal experience, and my observations of the world around us. Those three things are God, Hope, and Love. Now, personal feelings aside, most people can agree that even when there seems to be nothing else, people find a way to continue on when they fin either God, Hope, or Love in their lives, or a combination of any.

I decided to write about Doubt, Crying, and Fear, because I feel that these things are things which usually get in the way of finding God, Hope, and Love. But, they can also, in certain circumstances, bring us closer to those three great forces. Where these two sets of ideas intersect, then, is life.

One of my favorite lines from the Blue Scholars comes from “Still Got Love.”

It goes:

“Everybody gets hurt, everybody cry,
Everybody falls down, not everybody rise,
Not everybody talks but everybody lies,
Not everybody lives but everybody dies.”

I like that, a lot. More importantly, the last line. I feel like people sometimes are too busy being alive, and attempting to be alive, that they forget that they are alive, and the beauty of that. In other words, people are so alive that they forget to live. I mean, people get lost in things, and passionate or consumed, but that’s still even living. It really sucks when people forget that they’re so much more to be enjoyed, and thus don’t. We can’t forget to live. I’m not saying we all need to be hedonists, but we don need to let ourselves find our God, Hope, and/or Love.

To live is to love, and to let. Through war or peace.

So, on the last of these posts from this series, peace!…


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