I have a weird relationship with fear.

Fear is paralyzing. Fear is the thing which keeps us from doing certain things which might cause us harm. Fear is the feeling inside us that stops us from attempting or continuing something which our body/mind is trying to tell us is not good.

So, I sometimes like fear. I mean, most people don’t fear heights, but falling from large heights. But fear also keeps us from progressing. Fear is what keeps us from asking that pretty girl out, even though we will never really know what she would say unless we asked her.

Fear is something which I take head on. I challenge my fear, and I also channel it. I feel like battling with my own fears, because as often as it is helpful, it is also a hindrance. Fear is the psychological imprint of pain and sorrow in your mind. But sometimes our fears make the assumptions of pain and fear, where there really is none. Sometimes, we are our own biggest fears.

That is an issue. We need to know that we are an obstacle to ourselves, and not to fear ourselves as much. We must accept ourselves, and then move on anyways. One of the biggest parts of that is to acknowledge our fears, and then face them anyways.

Don’t get me wrong. It is right to fear certain things, but if you haven’t noticed by now, balance is key (especially for this week). So, be balanced. Fear the things worth fearing, but be not afraid of confronting yourself.

Make Peace with it all.



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