There really isn’t anything as good for the soul as a good tear-session. I mean, there are definitely benefits to crying. On a scientific level, tears can help clear the eyes, and better vision. Crying is also considered to be cathartic, under certain situations. Crying can make us feel better.

Honestly, I cry. Not incredibly often, but I do cry. Everyone cries. …

Okay, most people cry. Almost everybody cries.

But in total honesty, I think crying is good. It’s about releasing pent up emotion, and stress, and feelings, in a physical way. Tears are like the rain, in that if we let them, they can wash away almost everything.

It’s okay to cry, and it’s more than okay to cry with others. Sometimes, when we’re feeling down, that’s all we want. Sometimes, when we’re feeling down, that’s all we need.

But we also cry at the happy times. Essentially, we can cry whenever there is a very intense emotion within us. And we just need to let the tears roll sometimes. I’m not saying that it’s always okay to cry, but we should hold it in less often.

Tears are good. We must allow ourselves to cry when we need to.

So, if yo need to, cry.



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