So, here is an introduction to this post, and the next three.

In the next few posts, I will be covering some pseudo-philosophical ideas on things which I find important, or at least relevant, to myself, and others.

These posts, entitled “Doubt,” “Cry,” “Fear,” and “Live,” are all pertaining to subjects very close to me. Obviously, they are all verbs. I think actions speak louder than words can. So, there’s that. In short, these next few days are just philosophical times. If you were hoping for video links and other posts of that nature, then you’ll probably have to wait until next week. So, with that out of the way, I present to you, Doubt:

Doubt. There are few forces as pervasive, as unshakable, and as powerful as doubt. Doubt can be a weapon. Doubt can also be a blessing. In all reality, doubt is a very true, and very necessary part of life.

I think that doubt must exist in all things. We must be able and willing to challenge the world around us, as well as ourselves. If we allow ourselves to simply follow along in what we are told, and let to believe, without that challenge, we will be put into a spell of ignorance, complacency, and misinformation. In turn, a life of ignorance, complacency, and misinformation is simply an illusion to life.

We must challenge both the things which seem wrong, out of place, or otherwise to us, as well as the things which we believe, or see belonging. But, in both of these areas, doubt is good only to a healthy extent. This “healthy doubt” leads to progress, and either a strengthening of the things which truly belong, or a realization of that which doesn’t.

Doubt, in that healthy dosage, leads to progress. But an extreme of it can cause much pain and suffering. Like all things, there must be a balance. But what is balance of doubt. Doubt is an internal reasoning, and external pursuit of that reason. If it ever becomes a rationalization, or attempting to put the facts after the final result (which is really what reasoning is), then it is wrong.

We must reason for our doubt. What belongs, and why? I’m not sure. I might never know. But what is eternity, anyway?

Anyway, that’s my piece on doubt. This is my piece on peace.



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