Blog Posts for Days

So, today was interesting.

I took of a tour of the new building that is being built as an addition to my school. It was pretty wicked, actually. It’s a Performing Arts Center, and it’ll be done when I start classes in January, after almost a month of no actual school. I’m truly excited, especially with all the progress I saw today. I might only get to enjoy it for a semester, but even that will be pretty awesome.

I also didn’t really feel like I went to classes, but I know that I did, and did work, and have work to show for. It’s just weird.

There’s a very casual performance being put on this weekend by the Select Choir (which I am in), and I’m excited, but also nervous. I’m nervous, you see, because I’m expected to perform the solo I sang for my All State Choir audition, and I messed the words up there. Really, I’ve probably been singing the words none stop to not mess them up. Ahhh….


I started a relationship yesterday, saw the other person today, and now I won’t see them for a few days. But hey, that’s okay. It could honestly be worse. I could also not have someone to look forward to seeing. Hey, wait a minute, that sounds familiar!…

Oh right, my life before girls even…ugh. But yay, girls!

I am in a weird spot, and all writing has become completely strange to me. It’s time I get sleep.



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