So, today I felt the sting that is rejection.

About a month, possibly a month and a half ago, I submitted some of my poetry to a Young Writer Literary Magazine of sorts. I submitted a few pieces, just to see what would happen.

Today I got some emails letting me know that none of my pieces actually made it into the magazine.

Now, before anybody get’s this wrong, I am not mad at the literary magazine.

I repeat: I am not mad at the literary magazine.

Why would I be, really? They were just doing their job. They wanted to pick pieces that fit what they felt were the top pieces, and that fit the overall aesthetic of their magazine. I just happened to fall short of that. Really, it’s not about them, here. It’s about me. Or, at least, my pieces.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very disappointed. I worked so hard trying to get my pieces edited, so that every word simply fit. I spent several hours (over several days) working on my stuff, besides all of the time I spent when I originally wrote these poems. But I guess it wasn’t enough?

I mean, maybe I submitted my stuff to the wrong magazine, and it would’ve worked better in a magazine of a different “aesthetic,” but maybe it’s my pieces. See, this self-doubt came out when I heard about this all. I got those emails, and now I don’t know what to do with myself. I need to rethink what I’m writing about, and what I’m writing for. I need to challenge it all, again, to find myself in my style.

Ahh I feel so inadequate, but I also feel like I need to stop complaining! What is the issue with me, lately?

In other, not as depressing news…

I am currently un-single.

What this means for… everything: well, it’s really not sure.

What this means for… the blog: Probably nothing major. Maybe a few minor topics of some sort being casually talked about, maybe even a mention of this person here or there. But probably nothing major.

Okay, but it’s good. I’m happy. I hope this person is too.

Now, today other than that, was a good day. I had a chance to perform some, by which I mean rehearse a song I’ve been working on, in front of some people. That was also fun. So, I’m actually not doing bad. This rejection thing had me going though…

Anyways, that’s really all for tonight. Peace!…


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