The Things that Have Happened

So, I must first apologize. I completely didn’t post last night. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I am actually not sure how that didn’t happen. Umm, yeah.

But on the subject of blog posts and stuff, I’ve realized that this blog is almost on 300 posts. Which is weird. Has it already been 300 days? I started posting back on December 2nd of last year, and so it’s the month of October. This is awesome. I really have kept at it, with a few minor interruptions in between.

So, it turns out most blogs don’t make it past 120 days. This has been going for a lot longer than that. I’m really, truly happy. I just wanted to make note of this.

Other things:

Today I auditioned for the All State Choir. I don’t know how well I did/didn’t do. But, I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Besides that, I wore a suit all day. Today was fun, although it was also very short, and incredibly tiring. Yesterday, what with a two hour late start, and having coffee with one of my favorite human beings, was a lot better.

Let’s see how tomorrow goes. Anyways, this has been good. Peace, everyone!…


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