Today was a day of pure unrelatedness. Things kind of jumped from one thing to another, no buffer, no transitions, no real need. That’s most days off from school though. I’m never really without plans.

I’ve always felt like there’s lots of rules, and lots of exceptions to those rules. I like being both. I like being both the rule, and the exception. I mean, music is a good exception. Especially Jazz. I mean, I love listening to Jazz, and stuff, outside of the ensemble, and outside of the class, but I also listen to lots of Hip-Hop, and Indie Rock, and that kind of stuff. So, I fit the rule of living my passion, but I am also the exception, in a way.

I have been working on so much writing lately, it’s not even funny. College essays, essays for class, all sorts of other stuff. Writing, then, has been less of a thing here on the blog. Sorry for that. Also, Homecoming was this weekend, and I was a bit distracted by that. But distracted in the best of all possible ways.

There are two major types of forces, in my mind. There’s the constant, the forever and infinite, the thing which continues, and then there’s the sporadic, the changing, the random. They both work to make everything. Music incorporates that. In Hip-Hop, the constant is the beat, or instrumental in the song, and the sporadic or changing is the MC’s flow, or rap, or what have you. In Jazz, the rhythm section, and the main melody are the constant. The solos, and the improvised parts of the song are the changing. I like living my life in that concept. I like there to be the constant, and the sporadic.

Everything is organic, in a way. When I say this, I don’t mean food. I mean, everything.

Twitter is a mess. It’s a lovable mess, though. Facebook is the constant.

Oh, there’s this link to a funny thing by The Onion about the Government Shutdown. I’m a big fan of the Onion.

Here’s a photo of Homecoming and stuff. I had a really awesome time. This photo is otherwise also everywhere.


I am a fan.

Anyways, it’s a long night. Peace, everyone!




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