Laughing at Music (In a Good Way)

So, I currently watching the entirety of John Mayer’s Where the Light Is. So, at some point, while he’s doing stuff with the Trio, it cuts to a scene of him doing rehearsals with Steve Jordan and Pino Paladino, and he talks about whenever he does something really awesome musically, or he hears something really awesome (such as Steve Jordan doing some crazy stuff on the drums), he tends to, as he puts it “giggle.” I realized I do the same thing.

I laugh, for whatever reason, when there’s something really awesome done musically. usually it’s a really awesome riff, or a melody or idea that just hits me. It might also be a section of a solo, or a breakdown, or something crazy. I get those same “giggles,” and I love it.

I just wanted to share that. Peace!…


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