I wonder how much of our lives is affected by how we physically see the world? I mean, I know that most people who live in really grey, mostly colorless areas are more likely to suffer from depression (that’s probably true, or something). But, what about everything else? I’m saying this because I have a pair of shades that are tinted very strangely, and essentially everything that I see through these lenses look like an instagram picture. At first this was kind of annoying, but now, it’s really interesting to see the world. I also feel like I have a more positive outlook when I’ve worn them for a long time.

Do we all need shades that make colors pop, and that bring these types of contrasts? I mean, it seems like a lot of people are stressed and are closer to depression. I think it’s good to be realistic, but things aren’t necessarily that bad for some of these people. This is not to say that there stress is without warrant, because I’ve been there before. No, I just mean that they might enjoy things a little more if they let loose a little bit, and attempted to see the world in this way. People have told me that I’m very laid-back and chill. I try to just not worry about things that don’t need to be worried about.

But I’ve been stressed out too. My saving grace is my ability to have the optimism in my life. I need to see things differently sometimes, in order to understand that things will be okay.

That’s it for tonight. Peace!…


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