So, I genuinely enjoy journalism. If you asked me yesterday night how I felt about it, I might not have said the same thing, but that doesn’t mean I don’t.

I’m saying this all because today I was at the first production night for my school’s school newspaper. We should be published in about a week and a half, or so. But I love the process. I don’t think there is anything as great as being able to go up to someone, and find their story, to listen to what they have to say, to learn more about what it is they have to share. I had that experience this week when I interviewed a few people for some stories I worked on. I also get to interview a friend tomorrow morning, and take a few pictures for another story which I’m writing (sort of to fill a gap which was found in the newspaper).

The other cool thing happening is my partnering of sorts with the newspaper? Well, this blog is going to be mentioned, or at least linked to via a QR code, in an opinion piece I wrote in that newspaper. It’s exciting stuff, and our teacher for my Advanced Journalism class (the class which all of the editors take to be, you know, editors) said that he’d be happy and willing to see more integrated stuff with this blog. Which made me incredibly happy. So look for that. I also might be doing more “journalistic” things for the blog? Well, I’ll take a slightly more “journalistic” approach, or will try to. Maybe I can get more interviews, more photography, more research and quotes and sources for my stuff. But I would do this while retaining my voice in the writing, which is what keeps the Daily Jorge…the daily Jorge.

Anyways, I’m very tired. I hope you all have a good night. Peace!…


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