Day Changers

So, at Starbucks, my friends believe in the Day Changer. The Day Changer, in case you’re wondering, is the Strawberry Smoothie thing (I don’t remember the exact name). My friends believe that drinking this will change your mood, if not your day, to a better one. I think Starbucks in general has that effect for me.

I mean, hanging out with friends there today definitely turned my otherwise below-par day into something truly great. I spent quality time with friends I don’t often see outside of school, or even inside of school, for that matter. So spending time with them made me happy. And then I got the news that the massive amounts of rain forced classes to cancel for tomorrow. Although it is kind of a bummer to not have classes for a few reasons, I am still happy for a day off.

I do want people to know that the rain is very dangerous, though. Last I heard, there have been three deaths due to the adverse weather here in Colorado, and sadly, there will probably be more. If you’re facing this weather, be careful. If you’re having the day off from school as well, enjoy it. And if you don’t have either, at least know that Starbucks is always there incase you need a “pick me up”. Peace!…


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