Old Bulletin Board

So, as I’ve spent time at my parents’ house, I’ve been going through some of my old stuff. Among such “stuff” includes an old Bulletin Board my mom got from her last job, which is hanging over the desk in my room. It’s been there since Freshman year, and really only captured two years of my life. Yet, I still feel it captured a large part of my growth.

There’s a ton of movie ticket stubs, and collegiate football tickets. I also have a bunch of rubber bracelets that have, for some reason or another, ended up broken, and still in my possession. There’s also some stickers, pins, interesting quotes and notes, along with a cool-looking hand fan from Japan,  picture of me with my guitar (from 8th grade, wow…), and my first paycheck, ever! (Note about the check: It’s from an article I did for a small time publication quite a while ago. They misspelled my name, and so I had to ask them for another one. Regardless, I got to keep my first check, EVER! The sad part of the story is that I haven’t received any more since…).

This also reminds me of the stuff I took down from the bulletin board that was in my old room back at the other house. I had a bunch of similar stuff, like ticket stubs, broken rubber bracelets (I’m really bad with those), notes, and other minor things. I do remember the signed ticket from my first concert, which was Blue Scholars, back in September. I also remember the bracelet I got for the time I was in the hospital. (Incidentally, I was in the hospital THE DAY BEFORE I went to the concert.  I was just sort of… hit by a car. In front of my school, as I was getting to school. I was fine, I just had to go get x-rays taken to make sure I was okay, which I was. It’s a good story to tell though….)

I’ve grown a lot, these past… 3 years? Wow. Well, I guess that’s why it’s called “Growing Up”. But still, I never thought that that big of a change could take place in what seems like such a short amount of time. At the same time though, it really has been a long time. I know, looking at that photo of me, with that guitar, back in 8th grade, that I have changed a lot. My attitude, about everything has changed. A lot of my ideas have changed, as well. I feel like I remain the same guy, though, just trying to make it past 21. Did I ever think I would make it past 16? I mean, not in a dark or scary way, but I just… never thought that I would be 16, be sixteen that soon, and then have it pass before my eyes. Now I’m 17, and a month or so. Even that, the fact that it’s been a month since my birthday, is still absolutely crazy to me.

My 16th… year… was an eventful year. Very eventful, indeed. A lot of things happened that I never thought would happen. I say this, not because I have a bad view of myself, or anything (although I did have one, for a pretty long while), but because I simply never thought these things would happen for me. And now they have, and I have those moments as experience. I really am getting older, and I have other things I now need to accomplish. For whatever reason, I don’t think that anyone’s gonna wait on me in order to get these things done. It’s all on me.

For now, though, one of those things should be sleep. Goodnight, all. Peace!…


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