I love my parents. I honestly, truly, love my parents, and miss them every day. That’s why I love being home. It’s awesome, being able to eat my Mom’s amazing cooking, and listen to my Dad’s stories, and ideas, even if it is just rambling sometimes. (Maybe that’s where my rambling comes from?) My parents always treat me like I’ve always been home, even if it’s been a month since I’d last seen them, which makes me feel welcome all the time. I mean, aside from having to take out the trash all the time…

My parents also ask me about what I’ve been up to, and how things are going. I talk to them about a lot of things. My parents are always willing to share their ideas or criticism on just about everything. Of course, I don’t always take it, but I always listen. Sometimes we argue, too, but I always enjoy being with them. I love my parents, and I’m grateful to have them in my life.


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