THAT Quote

“People say ‘things happen for a reason’, I say ,’there’s a reason things happen’.” – Blue Scholars

This is probably one of my favorite all time quotes.  It speaks to me in ways few things speak to me.

Allow me to explain what this quote means to me. So basically, people tend to use the saying, “things happen for a reason”, or others very similar to that. What does that imply? Well, that implies that everything is laid out before us. I don’t like the idea of a set destiny.

I hate the idea of predestination, and here’s why: even if everything is already laid out, and things are out of our power, we still don’t know that. If there is a final way everything will happen before it happens, we can never know what that is. As such, we have to live life as though we are making everything happen for ourselves, because our lack of insight into the future makes it that way.

The, “there’s a reason things happen”, part goes along perfectly with that.We don’t know that there is a set plan and outcome before an event occurs, and even if there was, we could never know what that outcome is. On the other hand, we do know what has happened in the past, and what is going on in the present. The things that have happened are direct results of other things that have occurred. Basically, we know not what will happen, and things don’t occur because of some predestined plan set in the future, nut because of the actions and events of the past.

Stuff happens. Life happens. And stuff will continue to happen. We do with what we can, we accept our past and our mistakes, and we use it as experience to help shape our future.


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