Music Recommendations: Part 1(?)

Okay, so, I want to be able to do this more often, because if you don’t know by now, I LOVE music, and I especially love sharing music. As a “musician”, I want to share this music with you guys. So, I have a list of stuff I am going to share with you, as this first installment, of my Music Recommendations.

Basically, this one should be called something along the lines of, “What I listen to”, because well, that’s what it is. This is a simplified list of the different things I like to listen to. So here goes:

What I listen to:

1. Blue Scholars.

In case you didn’t know, Blue Scholars is a  Hip-Hop Duo from Seattle, consisting of MC Geo (AKA Prometheus Brown), and DJ/Producer Sabzi. They are definitely unique, and blend different kinds of music and make it artful. They speak on topics of relevance including race, religion, poverty, politics, etc., and have been a favorite of mine for a while.

Simplified version of: Seattle Hip-Hop, including act like Grynch, Macklemore, Common Market, etc. The Northwest knows what it’s doing, as far as musicians go, and the Hip-Hop scene is starting to rival the Rock scene, as far as musical-scenes-in-the-same-city go. Also other Hip-Hop/Rap acts, such as Kanye West (in his earlier years, although I do like some of his later stuff), Lupe Fiasco (also mostly his older stuff), and such.

Tracks worth a listen: “Still Got Love“, “Southside Revival“, “Big Bank Hank“, “Wounded Eyes“, and “27“, if you have time for a short narrative.

2. A Rush of Blood to the Head by Coldplay.

Coldplay’s album is a classic for me, as almost every song on it is on repeat on my Phone/Computer/Brain. Well, not completely, but still… This album is a fine jewel, and is usually overlooked by most. The soft/indie/songwriter/rock genre is almost defined by Coldplay.

Simplified version of: A lot of things, for me. Soft music, which is easy to cover acoustically. In the vein of Oasis, somewhat, also Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson, somewhat. Also rock, which for me is from Led Zeppelin to Rise Against, although Coldplay is not nearly that “hard”. Although other types of Rock also, well, Rock. I like Mumford and Sons and other acoustic stuff that is also very folksy. Also, other Coldplay albums, such as Parachutes (also genius), and X & Y.

Tracks worth a listen: I want to say every song off the album, but if you are skeptical, check out “God Put a Smile Upon Your Face“, “The Scientist“, “Clocks“, “Green Eyes“, and of course, the namesake track, “A Rush of Blood to the Head“.

3. “I’m Gonna Find Another You” by John Mayer.

Okay, I know what a lot of you probably think about this specific artist. Most of you probably hate him. A lot of you don’t like him for the choices he has made as a person. Everyone else doesn’t like him because of all the poppy stuff he has made. Which is fair, to some extent. But he’s a musician. Hate him as a person, and not as a musician. And his poppy stuff is not all that bad. On top of that, what I really like of his is his Blues work. This song is almost a prefect example of why I like his blues stuff so much. The album Continuum in it’s entirety is also amazing, by the way.

Simplified version of: All of the blues and rock I love. Also some of his poppy stuff I enjoy. Guitar music, in general. Tons of stuff, actually. Even classics like Hendrix, Clapton, and Jazz Guitarists, too.

Tracks worth listening to: His cover of Hendrix’s “Bold as Love” (the live version is pretty good, and his speaking abilities are pretty decent, as well as his live/stripped version), cover of Clapton’s “Crossroads“, and tracks like “In Repair” and “Gravity” also really good.

Final Notes: There is a lot of good music out there. There is a TON of stuff I didn’t put down here that I wish I would’ve, but I just couldn’t . There is some REALLY good stuff out there that I feel like more people should be listening to. If you have any suggestions for next time feel free to leave them in the “Comments” section down below, tweet me, or let me know on Facebook. Until next time, peace!…


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