Social Interaction

What is social interaction? Well, it’s interaction between people, usually referring to people we know, and talk to, and hang out with on occasion. If, you know, you’re into that stuff.

The thing about social interaction, for me anyways, is that it can be hard to accomplish. I mean, I’m too busy not having a life to actually, “have a life.”… Just kidding.

In all honesty though, I see people at school, where I spend a pretty good part of my day, and then I go home at some point. I get stuff done at home, and then I go on Facebook, text a few people, and update this blog. That’s life on a school day. Usually…

Weekends are the same, except without school, and a lot of the productivity. I tend not to hang out with people too much, not because I don’t want to, but because no one ever seems to want to hang out (with me).

Social Interaction, it seems, probably isn’t a big fan of me. Unless you consider Facebook, Twitter, texting, and other “medias” as actual Social Interaction. That’s the golden question here I guess. You could easily argue either way (for you Debate kids, that should be your new project), but that doesn’t really solve the question now, does it? My problem, then, is if I’m still interacting with the world in a normal, sane way. I mean, I’m at my parents house for the two weeks I have of Winter break, and, well, that’s about 15 min driving from the local town, and an hour from the place I’ve currently been “residing” at. But I currently don’t drive. So, “regular” social interaction isn’t much of an option. (Considering I don’t have internet here, aside from my phone, updating this blog every day might not be either, although I shall work hard to accomplish it anyway.)

So, I haven’t offered of itself many options or solutions, but I think I’ll be okay. If we do say that social media can be considered a regular social interaction, though, then don’t be afraid to drop a comment here, hit me up on Twitter, or Facebook through either The Daily Jorge or my Facebook account. Alright peeps, merry Christmas. Peace!…

P.S. Sorry about yesterday. I’m working on another post to make up for that one. But remember, I’m at my parent’s house, without a computer with Internet, so I’m doing everything on my phone. I shall work hard to get stuff done though


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